Gamo Whisper Maxxim IGT Air Rifle




Gamo Whisper Maxxim IGT Air Rifle.

Gamo’s Whisper Maxxim IGT is a lightweight and wieldy 24 Joules airgun composed of a last generation Whisper Maxxim® barrel and an ergonomic matte black polymer stock. This compact air rifle features Gamo’s SAT® system, a smooth and progressive trigger which improves the user’s shooting accuracy, a last generation recoil reduction system (RRR®) which increments and protects the lifespan of the scope and the brand’s innovative Inert Gas System (IGT®) which replaces the traditional main spring by a last generation pneumatic cylinder, improving its terminal velocity, providing a more consistent power level, reducing cocking efforts and lessening undesired vibrations.


  • Front sight cover.
  • Ambidextrous stock.
  • Scope rail.
  • Millimetric sight.
  • Features Gamo’s Inert Gas System (IGT®).
  • A smooth and progressive trigger system.
  • Power 24 J.
  • Length 116 cm / 45,7 in.
  • Weight 3 kg / 6,5 lb.
  • Velocity cal. 4,5 mm (.177) 386 m/s / 1.266 fps.
  • Velocity cal. 5,5 mm (.22); 286 m/s / 938 fps.
  • Available in .177 or .22 calibre.

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