Stalon Victor Moderator


Stalon Victor Moderator

Brand: Stalon

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Stalon sound moderators

Salon was Founded in 1989,  in 2005, they began producing sound moderator parts for other companies, but quickly decided to design & manufacture their own, concentrating 100% on their own models by 2008. They are typical of many Scandinavian companies, in having a thorough test & design process, resulting in a product which is fully realised in terms of the needs of the end user.

Stalon moderators are produced using only the finest precision engineering and materials. They have a simple company philosophy, to produce the best possible sound moderators for hunting. Every component from the outer tube to the integral baffles have been tested to perform at the highest level. The three main criteria for a moderator are low weight, maximum sound attenuation and minimal additional length to the barrel. JaktJournal, Sweden’s premier hunting magazine, rated Stalon the best performer amongst its piers.

Each model supplied is UK proofed

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.22 to .243 (6mm)


1/2 UNEF, 1/2 UNF, 14×1, 15×1, 18×1, 5/8 – 18