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Reloader Swiss RS14


Reloader Swiss RS14

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Reloader Swiss RS14

We are proud to announce there will be a new addition to our product family in the fourth quarter of 2022. The new powder has been named RS14 and is suitable for cartridges that were originally designed for black powder propellants (e.g. .45 Colt), for reduced loads (if the permissible muzzle energy at the shooting range is limited), for subsonic ammunition and for training situations with handguns where the aim is to shoot with reduced power, but still with a good filling level.

RS14 powder’s special feature is that you can almost always just about fill the case without worrying about excessive pressure. We were asked whether we could produce something similar. When we took a look at the benchmark powder, it turned out to be cut very thinly. This is done using a cutting technology that is not available to us in Wimmis. Besides the form of the powder, its very low bulk density of just a little over 300 g/l also impressed us.

In 2022, we then obtained certifications, prepared the data sheet, drew up the safety data sheet, generated initial load data, spoke to the importers and provided initial samples for opinion-forming purposes.

The first batch of RS14 was produced some time ago and we are currently working on the second in order to ensure supplies. RS14 has a bulk density of approx. 320 g/l, an energy content of approx. 3,250 J/g and a vivacity just below the benchmark that has already been referred to several times. Overall, we come very close to the benchmark at the range. In our opinion, we have successfully kept our promise of producing something similar. And it goes without saying that the new powder is REACH-compliant.


RS14 has been developed specifically for the needs of Reload Swiss RS.

Boasting a unique combination of minimal bulk density, low energy content and high vivacity, it is suitable for reduced loads, light cowboy action loads and subsonic loads for revolver and rifle calibres.


  • Recommended load: Filling level of approx. 50% to 100% for all calibres.
  • Lead or copper-plated bullets for handgun calibres.
  • Self-loading guns: The self-loading function is not a given for all loadings and calibres.

.38 Special
.30-30 Win.
.338 Lapua Mag
.357 Mag.
.308 Win.
.375 H&H Mag.
.44 Special
.30-06 Spring.
.444 Marlin
.44 Mag.
.300 Win. Mag.
.45-70 Govt.
.44-40 Win.
7,5 × 55 Swiss
.458 Win. Mag.
.45 ACP
7.62 x 54 R
.50 Browning
.45 Colt
8 x 51 R Lebel
.500 S&W Mag.
8 x 57 IS

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