Pro-Shot Premium Coated Cleaning Rods


Pro-Shot Premium Coated Cleaning Rods

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Pro-shot quality Cleaning Rods

All of the benefits of our heated treated and micro polished rifle and shotgun cleaning rod.  Built in coating during manufacturing process & applied proprietary coating is a Pro-Shot exclusive and is the only Quality American Made Double Coated Stainless Steel Rod in the World with all of the metal finishing processes.

Precision threading and female end rod allows for direct use of rod accessories.
Proprietary Rotating Handle, allowing the bore brush and rod accessories extra spiralling to give you more cleaning power for the grooves of the rifling. Small Diameter handle allows the rod to fit over rifle stocks for easy and fast use.
Proprietary Handle Design made to detach to fit rod in with pistol/rifle case for range/field use.
Female End Double coated rod accepts rod accessories directly. No Adapter Needed!
PRO-TUFF COATING does not vary in thickness
Packaged in a reusable hang tube with patch holder for .22 Cal. & .270 Cal. Rods, .17 Cal./.20 Cal. rod is packaged with a spear tip jag.

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.22 to .26 Cal, .270 to .30 Cal