Dan Wesson Valor 1911 .177 Pellet Air Pistol



Dan Wesson Valor 1911.177 Pellet Air Pistol.

The classic 1911 is an iconic and timeless design, still popular with Real steel shooters. The Dan Wesson Valor 1911 airgun is no exception and will give airgun shooters a real showpiece along with a great shooting experience. It boasts not only a powerful and precision loaded shooting performance, it also utilises a closed non blow-back system which makes full use of the CO² cartridge. The rifled inner barrel promotes more power and precision, making this 4.5mm/.177 cal. airgun a great tool for any airgun shooter. The magazine uses a unique rotatable pellet 2 x 6 round drum system. Once the drum is empty, simply take out the magazine and rotate the switch to set up the loaded drum and insert the magazine again. The magazine holds the CO² cartridge and is easily installed along with the pellets. The weight of the DW Valor 1911 is very close to the real steel version, giving it both the look and feel of the real thing.The Valor airgun comes with a deep and rich anodised gun grey colour, giving it an authentic look. Along with the traditional and classic checkered grip panels, the DW Valor looks the part from one end to the other


  • CO² powered.
  • Non blow-back.
  • Unique 2 x 6rd magazine drum system.
  • Dual safety feature thumb grip and manual.
  • Classic design.
  • Laser engraved logos.
  • Individual serial number.
  • Length: 220mm/8,66inch.
  • Barrel length: 110mm/4,33inch.
  • Magazine capacity: 2 x 6 rounds.
  • Hop up type: None.
  • Velocity: 101ms/332fps.
  • Weight:  990gr/2.18lb.
  • Energy:  2.3 joule.